Met-L-Tec creates fixtures to transfer a given part or parts into specific, precise positions. From manually operated to fully automated fixtures, our construction is strong and our fixture operation is smooth and accurate.

Met-L-Tec design features include:

  • Linear bearing/rack and pinion combinations for accuracy.
  • Square tubing main frames with angle iron mask insert frames for rigidity.
  • Heavy-duty tie rod end cylinders with extended load bushing.
  • Head trunnion mounts on cylinders for smooth operation.

We have the experience and design skills to produce a single fixture with the flexibility to accommodate numerous jobs. We typically build a master fixture that remains at Met-L-Tec. That allows us to make repairs and duplicates without production delays.

Types of fixtures include:

  • Automatic and Manual Tilt Fixtures
  • Precision Locating Fixtures
  • Slide Fixture Systems
  • Turn Table Systems
  • Vertical Flip Top Fixtures
  • Machined, Bolt Together Fixtures
  • Bolt Together Machine Fixtures
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